The Kitties of Catmandu

We believe that, as human beings, we have a shared responsibility to care for the furry four-legged creatures that share our homes, our hearts, our lives, and our community. We believe caring for our pets is a community issue that must be addressed at the individual and community level. Relying on big national organizations and government does not appear to be working. We believe that if everyone in our community who says they love and support animals (in our particular case - cats) gives just a little bit of their money and/or time and energy; we can accomplish tremendous things. The "many" can easily do what the individual cannot. We are a solutions-oriented group. We do not dwell on the problems, but seek to find and implement innovative solutions to them. Our solutions may not be perfect; but they work.


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Catmandu is a homey, cage-free group home for homeless cats and kittens in Carson City, NV. Our mission is to keep cats happy, healthy, and safe while finding them new forever homes. We also provide education, information, TNR assistance, and novel programs that bring cats and people together, creating loving, long-term relationships that benefit all concerned. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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